Perfect Integration High Performance 3 in one System

SNAIL POWER developed a new 3 in one system, which can be used as Home Theater, Karaoke system or High Performance 2 Channel sound system. The system adopts HDMI interface to support HD set-top box for high performance High definition video experience. 
   SNAIL H series loudspeaker design with high efficiency driver and wide-horn and compression labyrinth subwoofer. Provide super clear, low distortion dynamic sound. Multi color Piano coating with elegant shape, provide match color stand or easy set up installation kit. 
 The system comes with ultra Power Six Channel PA Amplifier that has Class D design. With professional independent power distribution management system, Our system can adaptor with many different type of amplifier. AV center provide multiple decoder which included karaoke function. Each Channel will have EQ & Delay PA adjustment ability. So it could support multiple function requirement. 
   Just one System, you could easy set us professional home theater, Karaoke or Nice Hi-Fi system at your home.
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The system was installed by Snail Power
The system was installed by Snail Power

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